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Glove Scholars

We create products that simplify learning for kids. Our innovative designs help to add elements of learning to an everyday environment and help engage more than one sense of kids to stimulate active and passive learning.

  • Winter woolen acrylic gloves for kids with multiplication tables

    Multiplication Times Tables Gloves

    Soft Woolen Acrylic gloves with multiplication tables on the back of the hand with free multiplication practice sheet pdf download

  • learning multiplication tables book and gloves

    Summer Times Tables Gloves (Cool Temperature) + Book

    Soft, Breathable, Stretchable Tricot Mesh Fabric gloves and a Multiplication Practice Book, designed to use with our Times Tables Gloves

  • winter woolen acrylic gloves for kids with numbers to learn simple calculations

    Calculation Gloves

    A unique design with numbers on the fingers corresponding to sections of each finger to help learn basic addition and subtraction while using thumbs as pointers.

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