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Glove Scholars

Multiplication Times Tables practice Book

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  • Multiplication Practice Book is an activity book designed to learn & practice multiplication times tables (1 to 10).
  • The book has practice exercises with colorful engaging fonts and cartoon pictures for kids.
  • It provides an engaging process to learn times tables.
  • Table exercises in the book are color-coded to the tables on the multiplication tables charts to help the kids keep a track of one table at a time and also distinguish times tables with their colors. Finding & Filling answers on the book by color-mapping on the chart is a fun-to-do activity and helps in cognitive learning. By this method, kids can learn multiplication times tables with ease and with no stress.
  • This book has tips given with exercises to make learning even simpler and easier for the kids.
  • It also has hidden colorful elements to stimulate cognitive factors for the brain memory and effectively acquire knowledge.